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A Near Miss?


I was driving home with my kids tonight when something totally unexpected happened. As I was turning off into our exit along NKVE, there was a huge trailer on the next lane to my right. Suddenly, there was a loud noise that sounded like an explosion. It was so loud that I actually felt a stab of pain in my chest. I was shocked naturally and was so worried that the trailer would lose control and crash into us. I was oddly calm and switched to the lane to move further away from the trailer.

Thankfully, the trailer didn’t crash into us and I didn’t lose control of my Batmobile from the utter shock. As we were approaching the Setia Alam toll, Son No. 1 said that it’s amazing that I was still driving steadily. I told him that Protector was protecting us. We immediately said a prayer of thanks to Dorje Shugden. Later, the kids told me that they saw a strip of thingy flying out from under the trailer tyres on the road. They seem to think that one of the tyres exploded. I can’t say for sure as I did not see it. Hey, I needed to focus on the road and calm my racing heart, right?

Tonight, I am reminded again how fortunate we are to have a Protector in our lives.