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About me

4th generation Nyonya. Born and bred in Melaka but not your typical docile feminine Nyonya. Copywriter. Mother. Unconventional aunty*. Vegetarian and vegan wannabe. Can’t live without sambal and chillies. Loves Bee Gees, Bryan Adams and Bon Jovi. Thinks that kindness should be a religion. Wishes for world peace.

*Aunty is a Malaysian word for greeting any woman who is older than one self, usually meant as a respectful honorific but sometimes used to describe an older married woman, who is quick to dispense her life’s wisdom (ie some people sees this as nagging! LOL) having lived a longer than the younger ones.

Welcome to my world of sambal, silliness and spirituality!


Welcome to my little blog. You must be wondering… Why Sambal Queen? I have my workmate, Cynthia to thank for coming up with something so ME. You see, both Cynthia and I just LOVE spicy food. I cannot live without my daily dosage of chillies and count Sambal Belacan as one of my fav food.

My mum used to tell people that I started eating spicy food at the age of 2, when I sweated my way through a plate of rice with some Gerang Assam. (This is the Nyonya equivalent to Asam Pedas) Given that I grew up in a 100% Peranakan household where my grandparents and aunt all love spicy food, it’s no wonder I inherited their love for spicy food.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy my humble offerings. It is my sincere hope that this little blog of mine would benefit you in some way.