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Happy-ness is a choice!

The thing is about happy-ness, it is not a default option but the good news is, you can choose it. Most people think that they need external factors such as money, relationships, nice stuff, even more money, to be happy. But the thing is, happiness derived from these are fleeting. What happens when the money runs out? What happens when your BF/GF or husband/wife leaves you? Your world ends, your happiness is gone.

It took me many, many moons and brick walls before I realised that happiness from within is the type that lasts and we need to choose happiness in order to set the wheels in motion in pursuit of our own happiness. And I discovered myself that the best type of happiness is the happiness that we give to others. Learnt this simple but profound truth after reading this book “Why I Make Myself Unhappy”, written by Tsem Rinpoche.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose happy-ness. Give happy-ness.