School Transfer 101

In light of our recent move out of state, I thought I’d share a bit on the school transfer procedure (Malaysia’s education system that is). It was surprisingly less painful than I thought.

  1. Get Form P.U. (A)275 from your kid’s school. (See a sample of this form here
  2. Fill up all the relevant information needed. And you will need photocopies of your marriage certificate and your child’s IC or birth certificate. (3 copies each)
  3. You will then need to submit the completed form and copies of your marriage certificate to the school. The school will then proceed to type 4 copies of the form. This process can take anywhere from one day to a week as it depends on the school. For my kids, we managed to get the completed forms in about 3 days.
  4. Once you have your documents ready, go to the Jabatan Pendidikan of the district of your kid’s new school. Here, the officer will verify your documents, assign the new school and approve your transfer. (On your transfer form, you need to provide 2 different options.) Our school transfer was approved in about 20 minutes.
  5. After the Jabatan Pendidikan approves your transfer, you will need to go to the new school to hand over the transfer form together with the marriage certificate. The school principal will review your kid’s academic performance and assign the class to your kids according to their latest exam results. If your school transfer coincides with the new school year, your will be given a book list.
  6. You then need to go back to your kid’s old school to submit the approved transfer form and to collect report card, “kad kesihatan” and other records. These records need to be handed over to the new school.

Our school transfer process took slightly more than a week as the Jabatan Pendidikan officer-in-charge was away for a conference in Genting.

Tips on choosing a new school

  • Go to the Ministry of Education website and look at the list of schools in the area.
  • Do your research online. Look at the school’s website and Facebook to get some rough idea of the school.
  • Make friends with the locals and ask them regarding the best schools.
  • Pay a visit to the schools that you have shortlisted. It would be good to go with your child to allow him/her to get a feel of the new school.

This serves as a general guideline for school transfers and do note that there maybe slight differences as some schools may release the report card, “kad kesihatan” and other records even before the approved forms are submitted.

Hope this helps and good luck with your transfer!


Sambal Queen

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