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Happy-ness is a choice!

The thing is about happy-ness, it is not a default option but the good news is, you can choose it. Most people think that they need external factors such as money, relationships, nice stuff, even more money, to be happy. But the thing is, happiness derived from these are fleeting. What happens when the money runs out? What happens when your BF/GF or husband/wife leaves you? Your world ends, your happiness is gone.

It took me many, many moons and brick walls before I realised that happiness from within is the type that lasts and we need to choose happiness in order to set the wheels in motion in pursuit of our own happiness. And I discovered myself that the best type of happiness is the happiness that we give to others. Learnt this simple but profound truth after reading this book “Why I Make Myself Unhappy”, written by Tsem Rinpoche.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose happy-ness. Give happy-ness.

Are You A REAL Vegetarian?

I was an on and off vegetarian for some years before I decided to become a full-time vegetarian. My journey as a vegetarian has been a rather easy transition with so many delish eats available at all hours of the day in Malaysia.

As a vegetarian, I get many amusing and sometimes rather annoying remarks thrown my way. One of the remarks is that am not a full-time or “real” vegetarian since I eat garlic and onions. I once got kinda miffed at someone (a HUGE meat eater, no less!) who told me that am not a REAL vegetarian as I was happily chomping on garlic and onions. I tried to tell this person that I have not touched meat for some number of years but this person still insisted that am not a true vegetarian. You see, in Malaysia, Chinese who are vegetarians are mostly Mahayana Buddhists and they do not consume garlic and onions. Due to this, it is a common perception that all Chinese who are vegetarians cannot eat garlic and onions or to qualify as a vegetarian, one must refrain from consuming garlic and onions.

Hence, why I am inspired write this post to shed some light on the different types of vegetarianism. Basically, a vegetarian is someone who does not eat meat. Meat covers the usual beef, chicken, pork, lamb, seafood or anything with a life that moves, eats or makes noises. However, there are different classifications due to the different food combinations that the individual decides to consume. So, here are the different types of vegetarianism.


So, which vegetarian are you? Not that it really matters as at the end of the day, what matters more is that you made a conscious choice of a non-harming lifestyle. Whether you are a REAL vegetarian or not, at least you know that you are not harming any living creature to feed your gastronomic need.


A Near Miss?


I was driving home with my kids tonight when something totally unexpected happened. As I was turning off into our exit along NKVE, there was a huge trailer on the next lane to my right. Suddenly, there was a loud noise that sounded like an explosion. It was so loud that I actually felt a stab of pain in my chest. I was shocked naturally and was so worried that the trailer would lose control and crash into us. I was oddly calm and switched to the lane to move further away from the trailer.

Thankfully, the trailer didn’t crash into us and I didn’t lose control of my Batmobile from the utter shock. As we were approaching the Setia Alam toll, Son No. 1 said that it’s amazing that I was still driving steadily. I told him that Protector was protecting us. We immediately said a prayer of thanks to Dorje Shugden. Later, the kids told me that they saw a strip of thingy flying out from under the trailer tyres on the road. They seem to think that one of the tyres exploded. I can’t say for sure as I did not see it. Hey, I needed to focus on the road and calm my racing heart, right?

Tonight, I am reminded again how fortunate we are to have a Protector in our lives.