Sambal Queen Turun Padang

Am not really huge on Sports Days. But this year, I must say I was pretty impressed with Son #1’s school Sports Day. Why was I impressed?

When I arrived, there was a teacher on hand to usher me to my seat and gave me the Sports Day programme together with my Lucky Draw number. Yes! There was a Lucky Draw with pretty good prizes too. Once I was seated, another teacher handed me a bottled mineral water. (Brownie points!)

See my hot pink lucky number? Too bad the hot pink wasn’t “ONG” enough for me to win.

The march pass was well executed. The kids did a pretty good job, not haphazard like “kambing” (goat in Malay) marching everywhere. The interesting part of the march pass was how creative each of the houses represented themselves. One house had a whole bunch of them dressed up with a turtle shell ala Ninja Turtles. Another house carried Captain America shields and one even had Spiderman being carried on a make shift sedan chair. How cool is that?! Then, they even had a “lafaz ikrar” (Sportsman’s declaration) with all the flag bearer circling the podium ala Olympics. Nice touch to remind the sports(wo)men on the true spirit of sportsmanship.

Check out the Captain America shields!
The Ninja Turtles inspired shells. Cute!
Spidey in a sedan chair. I wonder what happened to his web swinging abilities.
Son #1 is somewhere in the midst of the ‘Pengawas” (Prefects) group.

There was even a lion dance that consisted of current students of the school who are trained by a former student. They may not be world class standard but they won many hearts today when they distributed sweets to all. My first time receiving sweets from a lion. Haha!

This was actually the grand finale with some auspicious wishes written on the scroll.
This is the first time I see lions giving away sweets.
I got some too! Thank you, Hot Pink Lion!

When the refreshments were served, I initially thought that it was meant for the VIPs but turns out that it was meant for all the guests. There was Nasi Lemak, curry puffs, donuts and fried bananas. The Nasi Lemak coconut rice was aromatic and tasty. The sambal was more like a gravy style and it was spicy and good! I sat by the field and watched the relay. Was a rather pleasant picnic-like atmosphere. 🙂 The hot sweet tea was a nice pairing with the spicy, savoury Nasi Lemak.

Table for VIPs.
Droolsome worthy Nasi Lemak.

I didn’t stay till the end as I had to rush off to the office. But I sure enjoyed this Sports Day. It was well organised, the teachers were hospitable and the students’ creative march pass is nothing I’ve seen before. Oh, the Nasi Lemak and lion dance made this a Sports Day I won’t forget for a long time. Kudos to the teachers and students of SMJK Katolik, Bentong!

*”turun padang” is an expression loosely translated as going down to the sports field